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Each family has it's own story and style...

Hello! My name is Gaëlle, I’m a professional lifestyle photographer with a passion for capturing life’s most beautiful moments.

I strongly believe that the art of photography lies in the ability to capture a fleeting moment - a gesture of love, a tear of joy, a hug between family members - in its purest and most unadulterated form. 

I thrive from the challenge of being able to capture each individual family in the most organic and unrestrained way. I work to capture more than a picture; a moment, a feeling, a thought. 

It is with this philosophy that I work discreetly and efficiently to snap up every detail of your family, immortalising real moments to be reminisced for years to come. 

I am passionate about everything I do as a photographer: from creating a great working rapport with my clients to ensure that their shoot is as relaxed and free-flowing as possible; to artfully capture pure emotions, small gestures and loving details in the most natural and reflective way. 

My expertise and skills will be completely at your disposal, at a place where you feel the most comfortable, either at home or a special place, to capture the essence of what makes your family so intrinsically yours.

About Me...

My passion for photography came to light when I was 15 years old and began experimenting with the process of developing photos in a dark room. It was in that moment that I discovered my passion for encapsulating real life in the art of film, a passion which only continued to grow as I did. 

Since that pivotal moment in my youth I have been ardently working within the field. After pursuing studies in Applied Arts (Nantes, France) and Graphic Arts (Quimper, France), I began my professional career within photography as a photojournalist for Boston’s Canton Newspaper in the USA, acting as a mirror to the world. Aspiring to develop my technique and expertise within photography, I then furthered my studies at RMIT in Melbourne, Australia where I won two greatly prestigious awards for my work (Victorian Photography Student of the Year, 2001 - Gold and Silver awards).

In 2001, highly-qualified and ready to take on the world, I returned to Europe and established my art in London. While there, I became actively involved in projects with big brands such as Tesco and Vittel before being hired as a C41 film developer by Tapistry MM (a lab in SoHo), where I was responsible for all C41 development, applying traditional darkroom techniques of colour and development. During this time I rubbed shoulders and worked with the biggest names in fashion and music photography, including; Kevin Westemberg, Miles Aldridge, Derek Henderson and many others.

In 2015, I started my photography business in France and then at the end of 2017 I moved to Australia with my three children and my Australian husband to begin our new chapter here.

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