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One day in my life....

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

As a photographer, I've been taking photos of my three children; Teïla, Loïma and Félix since they were born. Since the lockdown in late March 2020, I have been going through my work over the years. I've been thinking about what like to be a parent and realised by looking at my kids, how easily we can forget about the different moments throughout the years. By going through my photos, the memories come back to us straight away.

Their little personalities, which were already visible at that time make even more sense now as they're older and I can how they've developed. It's made me think more about life in general and how important and precious these photos are, especially for my eldest who is now going through those tough teenage years. She's much more aware of her surroundings as she develops into a young adult.

Being able to look back at these memories is so special and timeless.

I took a lot of photos of Teïla when she was young. She's 5 years older than her sister and 7 years older than her brother.

It has been a real challenge to become a mother.

Teïla, meeting her sister for the first time. She was so scared to arrive after her cousin as she thought that her sister wouldn’t realise that she was actually her sister and not her cousin.

Loïma with her a cut above her left eye as she knocked herself on the corner of the table, the day before I gave birth to her brother!

Loima meets her brother for the first time - not sure what to think!

I'm lucky to have kids who love being outside and are curious about everything.

Teïla’s portrait on new years eve 2020.

Loïma, cheeky little thing always with he moody face. Very curious and lucky to have a lovely caring big sister and a younger brother.

Loima, always looking after her little brother.

Loïma’s helping Félix to do his homework during the lockdown.

Being silly on the trampoline during lockdown.

Félix, so innocent and adventurous. He's used to being looked after by his sisters.

Looking at all his easter eggs.

Being a boy!

Always ready to have a laugh or not!

Enjoying the first day of Spring in lockdown.

Years have gone by and being able to go back to these moments are just priceless!

It is definitely not easy being a parent, you are going through so many changes, whilst raising these individuals you love so much you can't express!

Sharing precious moments to be remembered for all our time and beyond.

There are the things you forget, but instantly remember by looking at photos.

Their first steps or moments of close friendship between each other.

Teïla, not happy with her cousin!

Life is too short and kids grow so fast!

It’s hard to capture all of those beautiful moments of our life.


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