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Covid-19 Part 1

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

It is the beginning of Autumn in Melbourne and we still enjoying a lot of sunshine.

At first, it was quite new, so we took the positive side of it "being all together" for an undetermined time. The restrictions were quite not very Harsh at first, sill able to go for a run or a walk during the day. No need to wear a mask unless inside the shops but rather than that wasn't too bad until we weren't able to go to people's house.

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Doing Home schooling!

Little time for Georges in his bath!

Time off after School watching TV while Teïla is watching Netflix on her laptop ! Félix's annoying his sister with a possible boyfriend!

The kids enjoying the sunshine in the trampoline under the eyes of their friend who live just next door unable to come and play with them.

Mucking around in their indoor cubby house in Félix's bedroom where they slept for a while.

Teïla who's putting fake long nails on (which never last long)!

Jared and I who are having a fun phone call with our friends while we're looking after the laundry.

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